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Hello, my name is Parmadi Budiprasetyo.
I'm a certified professional photographer with expertiese on multimedia, photography, videography, and design.

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Certified Professional Photographer with more than 15 years of experience in Photograpy, Photo Editing & Digital Imaging.
From video shooting, editing, sound mixing to publishing, to all kind of formats.
Design & Editing
Working with design, vectors, and rasters, and having in-depth knowledge of editing and creation software for photography, videography, audio and 3D.
Information & Technology
In depth knowledge of WordPress, Internet, and social media for business, also know-how on PHP and CSS, also technology freak highly interested in DIY's

Adobe Software

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effect

Other Software

Office Apps
Autodesk 3Ds Max

Photography Experience

Potrait & Wedding
Studio & Lighting
Editing & Digital Imaging
Corporate Photoshoot


Foto Wedding Bandung

Foto Wedding Bandung provide photography and videography for wedding, engagement and prewedding. With more than 5 years of experience, we deliver high quality images and videos for your precious momments.

My role in Foto Wedding Bandung as managing director, is to manage all aspect of the company and to maintain high quality standart

Foto Wedding Bandung's Portofolio:


Photobooth Indonesia

Photobooth Indonesia is a instant print solution for events. With processing time under 30 seconds for each prints, Photobooth Indonesia delivers exceptionally high quality prints in shortest amount of time possible, providing a fun way for the guests to take home and share the memory of the special occasion.

My role as a managing director is to manage all aspect of the photobooth, includes system integeration and automated software developments. Photobooth Indonesia uses custom-build software integeration for seamless, most efficient, automatic photo processing and printing.


Photobook "Rokan Hulu Dalam Lensa"

Sebuah buku fotografi yang mengangkat tema Rokan Hulu, sebuah Kabupaten di Provinsi Riau, Sumatera, Indonesia 

Hotel Photoshoot for Traveloka

Hotel Photoshoot Project for Traveloka by Picsajob Germany.

Responsible for taking more than 60 Hotels in 5 region ( Bandung, Manado, Banjarmasin, Pangandaran & Pontianak ) while delivering high quality photos in just under 2 months for Traveloka's promotion and website display.

Key Organization involved:

  • Picsajob ( now: Briefy ) is an international agency based in Germany, managing global infrastructure to automate and simplify visual content creation
  • Traveloka is the leading flight and hotel booking platform in Indonesia.

Main role: To take and edit high quality photos of the hotels assigned, including all the rooms, and surrounding area as specified by the guidelines, also maintain good communication with picsajob (via VOIP Call and emails), Traveloka, and the hotels.


Garuda Wisnu Kencana Greenscreen Photo Studio

Venue: Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park Bali

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park Bali, also known as GWK Bali, is one of bali's top tourist destination. Complimentary to GWK's main attraction, gigantic statue of Garuda Wisnu which is intended to be one of the tallest and largest modern day sculptures, and the Kecak Dance, traditional balinese dance performed daily, GWK also have one of the most sophisticated photo studio.

The GWK Photo Studio, located on the souvenier shop, features greenscreen studio where visitor is provided a traditional balinese costum to be taken photo with, and ability to choose their favorite backround and have the photos printed instantly.

My role is to design, construct and create all elements required for the photo studio from hardware requirements, lighting equipments, software programming and integeration, and printing equipments

Key studio specification:

  • Studio layout: Dual-studio with central integerated processing station
  • Background : Automatic green-screen background replacement with manual override
  • Processing time (from photo taken to print finished): Under 3 Minutes
  • Print Technology: Solid Ink Dye-Sublimation + Automatic Lamination


Greenscreen Photo Studio + Portable Photobooth for PT. Garuda Visi Nusantara

Venue: Gavin ( PT Garuda Visi Nusantara ) Jl. Pangeran Diponegoro No.61A, Central Jakarta

About Gavin: 

Established in Jakarta at late 2013 by young professionals with multiple background experiences, proven creative products, and extensive networks; sharing the common vision and passion about Information & Communication Technology (ICT), makes GAVIN (PT. Garuda Visi Nusantara) grow and evolve quickly into trusted company to be reckoned with.

My role is to design, construct and create all elements required for the photo studio and portable photo booth with greenscreen technology from hardware requirements, lighting equipments, software programming and integeration, and printing equipments


Video Profil FTSL - Institut Teknologi Bandung

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Institut Teknologi Bandung, is one of the most prestigius faculty in one of the Indonesia's largest and oldest University. My role is to lead the team of Photographers, Videographers, and editors while communicating with the client and managing the project requriements


Training & Workshops

I do a lot of training & workshop on photography, digital imaging, videography, and design.  I was teaching Photography extracurricular for Taruna Bakti Junior and Senior High School for almost 3 years, and professionally teaching since. 


Pikiran Rakyat National Newspaper - 17 December 2017

Video Tutorial & Youtube Channel

I also runs a youtube channel about photography, videography, technology, events, and travelling experience.

Writing & Blogging


I like to write about technology, photography, electronics, design & travel. My writing can be seen on https://keponih.com/author/parmadi/


Contact Me

Contact Me

Need to hire me? I'm ready to work abroad.

Please contact me via

  • email: parmadi@parmadi.net
  • phone/text/whatsapp: +6281214920812
  • skype, videocall, and mailing address available on request

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